Hello! I was wondering if you knew how to make an attack on titan cloak using a circle skirt patter? I've heard of it being done but I can't find any tutorials!


I looked around and found an example here but not a tutorial, so I figured I’d just write one up myself! There aren’t any pictures but it should be simple enough.

1. Cut out a really big circle of fabric. Measure from the centre of your neck to your wrist, and that’s what the radius of your circle should be. You might need to cut out two half circles to make the cape long enough, depending on how wide your fabric is and if you want to make the cape longer or shorter.

2. Cut a line straight to the centre of your circle. (You don’t need to do this if you’re using two half circles.) This is the front opening.

3. Cut out the neck hole. This should also be a circle, for simplicity’s sake, but will probably be smaller than your waist unless you have a REALLY big neck. If you actually have a circle skirt pattern, make the waist/neck opening a few inches smaller when you cut it out.

Remember, if the hole is too small, you can easily make it bigger, and you’ll be using some of it for a seam allowance anyway! But if the hole is too big, you can’t fix that easily.

4. Cut out the hood. There are probably a butt ton of hood patterns you can find online - Homestuck has a ton of tutorials for weirdly shaped hooded capes and it’s hella easy to make a plain hood.

Bigger is better in this case. The hood is seen to be big enough to cover most of the face if it’s pulled over the head, so you definitely want it to be large. If you make it too big you can take it in easily enough, but too small and you won’t be able to magically add fabric to it! The most important thing with the hood is that it has to fit into the neck hole. Who thought you’d ever use pi outside of school? You’ll need it for this. (You could also probably use a measuring tape because it’s flexible, keeping in mind seam allowances, which are usually 5/8 of an inch, for both hood and cape.)

5. Start sewing. If your cape is made of two half-circles, sew the two halves together, RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. If you can iron your fabric, iron this seam open flat. It’ll make it look much cleaner. Sew the two hood halves (or if the hood has three pieces, which some do, sew them together) now too. This seam should also be ironed flat. If you don’t have an iron, irons terrify you, or you test a scrap of fabric (DEFINITELY TEST A SCRAP OF FABRIC) and it melts, finger pressing will work too. It’s not quite the same, but it’s better than nothing!

6. Check again to make sure that your hood will fit into the neck hole on the cape, then use a crapload of pins to put it into place, again, with the right sides together. You might have to adjust the edges slightly. Then sew it! The centre seam should line up exactly in the middle of the cape. Pin that after the edges, then place all the other pins. It’ll help keep your hood from being lopsided.

7. Try your cape on and examine it to make sure nothing weird happened! If you’ve accidentally sew seams on the outside, now’s the time to fix them! I once made a Princess Peach dress and sewed the skirt on inside out. I couldn’t detach it so I had to spend hours ripping all the side seams in the skirt and resewing them. The skirt was made of five enormous pieces. It was a nightmare. Don’t let this happen to you!

8. Hem the bottom edge of the cape, and then the opening of the bottom part and the hood. Take care to keep your lines straight, because it’ll be visible from the outside! 

9. Attach the fastening at the neck (this could be a button, a snap, two ribbons, anything you want) and applique or iron on the symbol on the back of the cloak, and you’re done!

A couple things to keep in mind if you’re new to sewing:

1. Use pins for EVERYTHING. Trying to keep things in place with your fingers often doesn’t work well, which means things don’t match up, and makes it more likely you’ll accidentally sew over one of your fingers - not a fun trip to the hospital! 

2. You may want to use a zigzag stitch at the edges of all the pieces of fabric to keep it from fraying. This is especially important if you only fold the fabric in once when you hem it, instead of folding it again to keep the edge completely on the inside.

I haven’t made a cape yet myself, though it’s one of my projects for the next convention I’m attending, so this is all off the top of my head. Good luck! 

-Mod K








brb drowning myself in the toilet

But which end of the hotdog are you supposed to look through??


I work in a library and one time a woman came in and she wanted the sequel to the book she had just read, which she didnt know the title, author, or even the name of the sequel. All she had for me was ‘no I just read the blue one, I want the red one now’

I worked at a video store for a very long time, and one night I was closing and I saw a customer walk up to the door and pull on it, even though all my lights were off and the open sign was off. They looked at me with a “?????” look on their face. I walked to the door and unlocked it and cracked it open.

Customer: Are you closed?
Me: ….. ….. Yeah?
Customer: Why?
Me: We close at 10 and its 10:05.
Customer: But I have a movie to return.
Me: Well, you can drop it in the night deposit and it will be checked in tomorrow.
Customer: Okay. Will it be checked in as returned tonight?
Me: …. No? Because it will be tomorrow when it gets checked in, so it will be late.
Customer: But I got it here the day it was due.
Me: Yeah, but you have to get it here before we close.
Customer: But you’re still here.
Me: But my system is closed down, because we’re closed.
Customer: Ugh. I hate this place. I am never coming here again. I am only gonna go to Red Box.

This customer was in the next week looking for movies again.


My time at Anime Detour summed up in some random pictures!


I want a chance to be another gender, sexuality, race, or something else I don’t have control over.

I love hearing about so many different lives, and I want a chance to experience others ones.

That’s part of the reason I find a heaven/hell afterlife dumb. Why would I want to be the person I already am forever? Reincarnation would be awesome! Imagine all of the different lives I could live!


How I do - Skirts by *rika-dono




How I do - Skirts by *rika-dono



Phase 1:

  • The watcher is confused and very misdirected.
  • The watcher will question if this anime will be worth the time and effort put in to watching it.

Phase 2:

  • The watcher is now questioning whether he/she should stop watching (irrelevant of course)
  • The watcher already very…

because I made this at 2 am and nobody saw it

Those times when you just wanna laugh like a crazy person who happens to be evil.

Phases of an Anime Watcher by Cole

Phase 1:

  • The watcher is confused and very misdirected. 
  • The watcher will question if this anime will be worth the time and effort put in to watching it.

Phase 2:

  • The watcher is now questioning whether he/she should stop watching (irrelevant of course)
  • The watcher already very acquainted with many main and main-sub characters

Phase 3:

  • The watcher bends time and space to watch this anime at all costs
  • The watcher continues to finish the anime all together

Phase 4:

  • The watcher will begin fantasizing about the most charismatic  character
  • The watcher will start looking up “crude” or “chibi” pictures of their favorite characters
  • Fapping will most likely be a valid option for the watcher
  • The watcher will start buying many objects related to specified anime (Posters, hug pillows, mugs, pens, etc.)

Phase 5:

  • The watcher will start to attend cons and panels for specified anime
  • The watcher will most likely cos play as their favorite character
  • The watcher will start making full blogs and websites dedicated to this anime/character

Phase 6: (best phase)

  • The watcher will start become more aware of others around her/him who are interested in this anime
  • The watcher will make a whole club inside or outside of school dedicated to anime to attract the attention of fellow anime lovers
  • The watcher makes many new friends and even one who is wanting to try out anime
  • The watcher recommends his/her favorite anime to the anime noob

Cycle starts once more